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What's the big deal?

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Come to me. For so many years of my life I was constantly asking the Lord to come to me.

Lord, be with me ... Come to me ... Assist me ... Stay with me ...

Blah! This wasn't right. It was an all too insincere and devious attempt to get myself off the hook from holiness. What a child I was! How did I ever expect to grow in holiness and sanctity if all the work, all the risks and all the burdens rested upon Him and not on me? I needed to ask the Lord for the grace and the strength to come to Him, just like St. Peter did one stormy night: "Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water."

"Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest" (Mt 11 :28).

Throw yourself. Like a teacher, a mentor, a coach and a Father, the Lord is demanding more from His followers. Casting the net into the sea is no longer good enough for Him. The disciples must now throw themselves from the comfort of their boat into stormy waters and begin to walk on water.

Faith and happiness. This morning I read an article in the health section of the Washington Post. It was all about happiness. Of course, above the article was an ad for Viagra. I was not surprised.

The article began with some weird scenarios: "Do you remember a bad summer blockbuster you were forced to watch, or a blind date set up by your parents?" No, I don't. I continued reading ... "Do you remember the last time you were dreading something, only to have it turn out to be a pleasant surprise?" Yes! Almost all the time!

Well guess what? Experts have determined that surprises make us happy! Wow! Hey! I already knew this! What's the big deal?

Unfortunately, the article (and researchers) never gets to the BIG DEAL! What's the BIG DEAL? It's faith. Faith makes life worth living because faith is constantly leading us to pleasant surprises!

Now faith isn't about doing things. It's actually about changing things, especially people, especially oneself.

Let's get out of our boats and into deep water. Our happiness depends on our faith.

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"The Lord is king, the Most High over all the earth"

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It is good to be here! It is always good to be in the presence of the Lord. "The Lord is king, the Most High over all the earth" (Ps 97: 1 a, 9a).

Today is the feast of the Lord's Transfiguration. It is not his "transformation". That is, it is not his changing into someone else. Rather, the transfiguration of our Lord is the revelation of his true being, his true essence, to all men.

Faith in God is simple. Only complicated philosophical thinking can obscure the simplicity of faith. Faith in God really means having less faith in oneself. And we all know that this flies smack in the face of our modern way of thinking. We don't ask questions like Socrates, we tell people what we think. We have become experts in everything, only to change every ten years! We think of progress as having passed a test. What we don't care to say is that we have changed the test so that we could pass it! What was once dysfunctional will always be dysfunctional, but since we can't do any better, we transfigure it by various names to suit our needs ... or emotions.

Christ knows himself and He wishes to reveal himself so that we can be more like him. "When Christ is revealed we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is" (1 Jn 3:2).

If you think about it, there is really very little that we actually know. We know our friends slightly. We know our neighbors less. But if we were to be honest with ourselves, we would have to say that we know ourselves the best, and we hardly know ourselves! We are a continual flux of emotions, a ball of wax easily melted away with the slightest heat of negativity.

In essence, the Lord's transfiguration is nothing more than an invitation to listen to Him and to "come follow Him." He transfigures before us so that he can transform within us, and He encourages us not to be transformed by our environment or by worldly things and people.

There are many people that would love to take away your peace. Don't let them transform you! There are many that would love to ruin your day! Don't let them! Allow only the Lord to be the Master of your life, the transformer of your day and the glory of His Kingdom.

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