All Saints Children's Choir

The All Saints Children’s Choir is open to those in Pre-K through fifth grade. The choir sings at Christmas, Easter, and Mother’s Day Masses, as well as other times throughout the year. We have a lot of fun in rehearsals learning music and about the role of music in Mass. We also learn Solfège, basic music reading and ear training, as well as music games that help form a well-rounded little singer!
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All Saints Handbell Choir

This ensemble provides beautiful music at Mass several times each season, especially at Christmas and Easter. Basic music reading and rhythm familiarity is required. No prior handbell experience is necessary.
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Cantors are singers who have accepted a special role in the musical leadership of the parish. Membership in the St. Gregory Choir or the St. Raphael Choir is required. Musical and liturgical formation is provided.
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St. Gregory Choir

This choir provides musical leadership at Sunday 11 a.m. Mass, Easter Tridium, Christmas Eve Vigil, Christmas Day, All Souls Day, All Saints Day and other celebrations. Repertoire includes music from the 13th to the 21st centuries, both traditional and contemporary.
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St. Raphael Choir

St. Raphael Choir serves All Saints Catholic Community through musical leadership at the Sunday 9 a.m. Mass. The repertoire is drawn mainly from the works of contemporary composers of liturgical music. We are an intergenerational ensemble that includes vocalists and instrumentalists. Our mission is to promote full, conscious and active participation during Mass by enabling the sung prayer of the assembly. All vocalists and instrumentalists who have a desire to praise God through contemporary music and through the fellowship of our Lord Jesus Christ are welcome.
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Sunday 5:00 PM Mass Band

This band is an ensemble of vocalists and instrumentalists, specializing in contemporary Christian music, who lead the musical worship at the Sunday 5 p.m. Mass.
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