Pastoral Advisory Council

The Pastoral Advisory Council (PAC) is a consultative body, which unites laity and clergy in a community of prayer, leadership, service and pastoral planning.  While other groups may focus on a specific area of mission and ministry, the PAC is responsible for determining how the Parish can be most effective in fulfilling its total mission. The Council discerns what needs to be supported, changed or developed to make the Parish more faithful to the call of God.

2022-2023 Members

  • Kevin Bedford, Chair
  • Mike Hemphill, Vice Chair
  • Marissa Walton
  • Alex Acuña
  • Elizabeth Dominguez
  • Catherine Foxworth
  • John Furton
  • Andy Garcia
  • Paul Kamanda
  • Ron Kwait
  • David Leninger
  • Barbara McAninch
  • Rita Reis
  • Garice Schneider
  • David Weatherford

Specific activities include: developing a Parish mission statement; identifying key needs and concerns; synthesizing Parish priorities into an ongoing pastoral plan; recommending flexible strategies related to those priorities; evaluating progress in achieving the Parish goals and plans; assisting the Pastor in making decisions regarding spiritual and administrative needs of the Parish Community; and acting as coordinator and unifier by encouraging dialogue among all members of the Parish Family. 

Potential candidates are nominated by registered Parishioners.  Nominations are collected, screened, and presented to the Pastor. After a period of discernment and self-reflection, the outgoing PAC members and the Pastor will choose individuals that will serve the needs of the community.

PAC regular monthly meetings are usually on the second Thursday of each month. The purpose of the monthly meeting is to pray, reflect, and think; to listen and brainstorm; to make member assignments, and to decide and recommend to the Pastor. Ministries are invited to obtain updates of ministry activities and progress. PAC utilizes prayer and discussion to make a decision with consensus. PAC will focus on visioning; divide contact responsibilities for various ministries within the Parish and invite ministries to provide the PAC with an update of ministry activities and progress toward goals.

The PAC has four overarching areas of responsibility:

  • Strategic Planning: the PAC assumes a leadership role in implementing the goals and objectives of the Parish. The PAC assures that periodically a Strategic Planning function is performed in order to facilitate a long-term vision for the Parish.
  • Master Planning: the PAC is charged with an annual Master Plan review which validates the near-term priorities of the Parish and any planned capital expenditures. The PAC works with other Parish organizations to implement the near-term objectives of the Parish Strategic Master Plan. 
  • Eyes & Ears: the PAC gathers thoughts, feelings and ideas from the Parish community, which provides a forum to assist the Pastor in Parish visioning and policy. These policies become the stimuli for programs to be designed and carried out by the Pastoral Staff.
  • Looking Forward: the Pastor relies upon the PAC to aid in moving strategic initiatives forward.

The PAC strives to maintain open and continuous communications with the Parish through multiple media, including the Parish bulletin, a PAC web page on the Parish website, and periodic announcements at Mass. The PAC Chairperson will also provide periodic reports to the Parish concerning the PAC's accomplishments and planning focus.


Do you have concerns or issues to discuss with the PAC, or have a suggestion for a PAC meeting agenda topic? Please send an email to