Finance Advisory Council

The council is a mandated body that has an advisory and consultative role with the Pastor of the parish (Code of Canon Law, 537). Its mission is to support the Pastor in the stewardship of parish financial resources. The council is a key element for promoting the financial health of a parish, assuring accountability, and assisting the Pastor with his temporal responsibilities. While it does not have decision-making authority, consultation is at the heart of the decision-making process for the administration and stewardship of the temporal goods of the parish. The council is also accountable to the parish community and to the Bishop of Dallas. Members should demonstrate skills or expertise in management and finance.

2022-2023 Members

  • Allen Gump, Chair
  • Jason Wagner, Vice Chair
  • Mike Havel, Chair Emeritus
  • David Adamson
  • Angela Brodrick-Donohue
  • Bill Bryan
  • David Weatherford
  • David Castro
  • Peggy Janson

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