New Families

We are delighted to welcome you to the All Saints Catholic School Family! This section is designed to help you with your transition to the school in addition to relying on your Mentor Family.

 All Families: 

  1. Please refer to the Back-to-School Guide for detailed information about the school, upcoming events, and guidelines.   
  1. Did you know we have a school app? The Back-to-School Guide has instructions on how to obtain it.   
  1. Thank you to all the families who have already submitted their student's annual physical examination form as the school is required to have this document on file.  
    Note that your student will not be able to attend practices or participate in a school sport, unless this document is on file. 
    For your convenience, feel free to use this Physical Examination Form. Please email your completed physical examination form to Nurse Nystrom at .  If your student will have their physical after the start of the school year, then you are welcome to send the last one.  This form must be submitted to Nurse Nystrom every year. 

  1. The Official Uniform provider is DM (formerly known as Academic Outfitters).  Let them know that you are shopping for All Saints, so they can provide you with the uniform requirements.  Their location is Village at Collin Creek/700 Alma Drive #112, Plano TX 75075. For more information visit their website:  DM Uniform

  2. Complete your Safe Environment Requirements.  At All Saints, we require all volunteers and all staff to complete their annual Safe Environment Training.  Please read and complete the Safe Environment Guidelines.  For Safe Environment questions, please contact the Safe Environment Director Mignon Finch at

 Families 1st - 8th grade

First Grade and up have summer reading and math requirements.  For details visit our school website in the Academics section and select the requirements for your respective grade.  If you have not yet received your math IXL login credentials, please contact our tech support at

Intermediate Families (4th and 5th):

  1. Your student will be using a Chromebook and it will be provided to you by the school. 
  1. Fourth and Fifth graders take both Spanish and Mandarin, so no language selection is necessary. 
  1. Elective Classes - Action Required.

ASCS is excited to offer so many excellent co-curricular opportunities for our students. Fourth graders have the choice of Orchestra, Band, or Art for their elective. Please fill out this Google Form (4th and 5th grade only). If you have not yet completed this form, please do so and email any questions to Mr. Suddendorf at  .

For a description of each of these electives, please see the attached document 2022-23 Intermediate Electives.  Also attached is all the information for renting a band instrument from Brook Mays Music and for renting an orchestral instrument from Williamson Music.

Families (5th-8th):

Students in Fifth grade and up are eligible to participate in sports through the Dallas Parochial League.  If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Kristi Uhlemann at  .

Middle School Families (6th - 8th): 

  1. Your student will be using a Chromebook and parents must purchase the Chromebook.  Specifications for the Chromebook are listed in the Back-to-School Guide.   
  1. Electives & Foreign Languages - Action Required

Please see the listing of all the electives for Middle School for the 2022-23 academic year.  Remember that these choices are for the entire 2022-23 school year.   Next year, electives will meet four days per week.  Please note that Art and Study Hall require students to complete an application attached below.

Please discuss the elective choices and language selection.  Both options will be for the duration of middle school.  

We are pleased to offer so many excellent co-curricular opportunities for your children.  Please direct any concerns to our Middle School Co-Team Lead Mr. Brian Suddendorf at  .  

Elective Form 

Language Election Form

In the event that you still have questions, these are the appropriate contacts: 

  1. All Academic Questions:  Mrs. Druffner -    
  1. Forms for Electives and Foreign Languages/Schedule Questions:  Mr. Suddendorf -   
  1. Medical Questions:  Nurse Nystrom -   
  1. Technical Questions:  IXL User ID/Chromebook:  I.T. Support Staff -   
  1. Athletic Questions:  Mrs. Kristi Uhlemann -   
  1. Any other question (as the school year begins):  Front Office/Mrs. Finch -  or 214-217-3300