4th/5th Grade Math

4th and 5th Grade Summer Math Program

Summer is here! That means fun in the sun, relaxation, and rejuvenation.  It also means the dreaded summer slide where many students can lose up to three months of math skills.  To help keep your students’ skills sharp and ready for next year, we have our Summer Math Program.  

Over the summer, all students will be required to complete 240 minutes of math skill practice in IXl.   The practice will be achieved by completing a row on the IXL math bingo card.  Each student on move-up day was enrolled in their summer google classroom. This is where they will find the links to all material and instructions.   Mrs. Beacham will be monitoring IXL and google classroom over the summer. All completed bingo cards can be turned in through google classroom or brought to school the first week of our 2022-2023 school year.  

Encouraging students to do schoolwork over the summer can be a challenge.  To provide an extra incentive, all students who complete the required 240 minutes and one Bingo or more of work this summer will have the reward of an ice cream party. The date will be announced after school begins.

Click Here for the 4TH/5TH Grade Math BINGO Card


Frequently asked questions for rising 4th/5th Grade Students

When do I do my summer math work? 

Summer math work needs to be completed between June 1st and August 5th. You can check how many minutes you are completing by going to Analytics and setting the date range to the above dates.

Can I use a completed activity for more than one space on the Bingo card? 0

No, each activity on the Bingo card is a separate event. For instance, completing your two diagnostic recommended skills must be separate from your practice in June.

What grade level skills should I work in?

You should work on the IXL skills for the grade level you were in for the 2021-2022 school year. Rising 4th grade will continue to work in 3rd grade skills. Rising 5th Eagles will continue to work in 4th grade skills. Rising 5th Honors will continue to work in 5th grade skills. The exception is for diagnostic recommended skill areas.  As this may be below grade level. 

What skills areas should I work on first?

  1. Any skill work throughout the year you have not completed or did not achieve a Smart Score of 80 or above. 
  2. Your lowest score area from your May diagnostic.  This was sent home with each student and can be accessed through the Diagnostic tab in IXL.
  3. Any recommended skill areas from your May diagnostic. 
  4. Any skill area of interest which we did not cover this year under the Diocese of Dallas curriculum. 

How many Bingos do I need to make? 

One Bingo with a minimum of 240 total minutes for summer practice.  Each bingo row was calculated to give most students 240 minutes of practice.

What do I bring back to school and when? 

The first week of school you will bring back the paper copy of the Bingo sheet.  The bingo sheet is also in the Rising google classroom.

What do I earn for completing my summer bingo? 

You will earn a 100 for a classwork grade for completing your bingo and the required 240 summer math minutes.

What are the consequences of not completing my bingo? 

You will get a reduced classwork grade based on the amount of incomplete work. 

What do I get if I complete more than the summer requirement?

The satisfaction of an accomplishment, increased math proficiency, the admiration of your principal and teacher.

Mrs. Beacham will be monitoring every 2 weeks your progress in math IXL. If you have any questions over the summer, you may contact her at