3rd Grade Math

Information for summer Math for incoming 3rd graders


What is the summer math work for students finishing Second grade? 

The Summer Boost program in iXL.

When do I do my summer math work? 

Summer math work needs to be completed between June 1st and August 5th. You can check how many minutes you are completing by going to Analytics and setting the date range to the above dates.

What grade level of Summer Boost do I choose?

Choose the 3rd grade. This program is designed to reinforce skills that were taught in second grade, so students are ready to jump into third grade math. 

How many skills do I have to complete? 

  1. The Summer Boost program is broken down into 4 weeks and each week has 5 skills for a total of 20 skills. Since our summer is 10 weeks in length, that averages to two skills per week. An estimated time of 20 minutes per week to achieve the SmartScore of 80 for each skill.
  2. Knowing that summer schedules vary, students may work in the order of their choosing so long as all skills are completed to a SmartScore of 80 (earn a blue ribbon) or higher.
  3. Students can choose to continue answering questions and earn the green ribbon. However, if a student continues  and then misses a question their SmartScore can drop below 80 and more questions will need to be answered to achieve the 80 or higher. The teacher's view only shows the ending SmartScore. 

What do I earn for completing my Summer Boost? 

You will earn a 100 for a classwork grade for completing all 20 skills. I will also have a reward for students who successfully complete all 20 skills to the SmartScore of 80 or higher the first week of school.

What are the consequences of not completing the Summer Math ? 

You will get a reduced classwork grade based on the amount of incomplete work. Unfortunately, you will not earn a reward. 

What do I get if I complete more than the summer requirement?

The satisfaction of an accomplishment, increased math proficiency, the admiration of your principal and teacher.

Mrs. Weese will be checking your progress in math IXL at the end of June and July. If you have any questions over the summer you may contact her at .