Student Services

All Saints Catholic School strives to meet the needs of all learners by offering support services for students with minor learning disabilities.  It is our goal to identify struggling learners early in order to improve their educational outcomes.  

In order for the school to consider giving accommodations to any student, certain guidelines must be followed, of which include a psycho-educational evaluation that must be submitted to the Director of Student Services.  The Director of Student Services will evaluate the test results and meet with the child’s teachers to determine what accommodations can be implemented.  Based on the results, an Accommodation Plan may be drafted.  Examples of accommodations include, but are not limited to:  

  • Dyslexia Therapy
  • tests to be taken in the testing center
  • extended time on tests

 The Director of Student Services will provide the child’s parents with the Student Accommodation Plan to read, sign if approved, and return back to the Director of Student Services.  In the grades 4-8, the child may be asked to sign the Accommodation Plan.  The teachers will also sign the Student Accommodation Plan and parents will be sent a final copy for their records.  Copies of the Student Accommodation Plan will then be distributed to each of the student’s teachers.

A reevaluation of your child’s needs must be done at least every three years.  This is considered current documentation.  Without current documentation, a child cannot be given accommodations.  The reason for a reevaluation is to determine if the child continues to be a child with a disability and special services or accommodations are needed.