Middle School

Preparing Bright Futures (6 - 8)

The middle grades lay the groundwork for High School preparation. By this stage, your student is learning how to hold themselves to high academic standards and how to think critically. Class assignments are structured to provide increased opportunities for creativity, collaboration, and communication. Academic classes challenge your child to be their own advocate and to be resilient. With a continued emphasis on respect for self and others, our middle school teachers help students deepen their Catholic worldview and promote harmony in their environment.


Middle School Daily Schedule

Middle school students begin the day with prayer at 7:45 am and close the day in prayer at 3:15 pm. Students have a total of eight class periods throughout the day. Middle school grades change classrooms for every class and will have a different teacher for each subject. Each grade completes math, English, literature, science, social studies, and religion instruction every day.

Additional Programs

Kent & Jodi Foster STEAM Innovation Lab

In 2019, ASCS opened the state of the art Kent and Jodi Foster Innovation Lab. All students attend two classes per week in coding, robotics, 3D printing, graphic design, and engineering. This STEAM curriculum, coupled with our outstanding core and co-curricular classes, form the foundation for educating all aspects of the human person.


Your child will have the opportunity to represent their school in athletic competitions. Through athletics, your child builds character and learns teamwork, discipline, inclusiveness, and good sportsmanship. Students in grades 5 through 8 compete in the Dallas Parochial League (DPL) which organizes athletic competitions between area Catholic schools. Please contact Athletic Director Kristi Uhlemann with any questions:  


During Middle School, your child will show interest in various activities. All Saints allows for students to explore different activities through the elective program. Each year, your child will choose two out of their eight classes. A complete list of electives can be found on the School Profile. 

Physical Education

Your child will begin the physical maturation process throughout middle school. To aid in their physical health, your child will attend physical education twice per week and learn in-depth and advanced dynamic warm-ups, and the value of stretching before starting any physical activity. They will play a variety of games that allow them to learn the values of fair play and sportsmanship. They complete the year with a good knowledge of how to stay healthy and in shape while away from school.

Meet the Teachers

Faculty and Staff


Your Middle School student will be required to have and maintain their own Chromebook for class. They will utilize the Google Apps Suite and Google Classroom to complete and turn in assignments as well as track their progress in class. Select classrooms use Interactive LCD panels, and a TEAL inspired class promotes collaboration, communication, and creativity.

Additional Services

After School Care

Aftercare is provided every school day from 3 pm to 6 pm. Please contact Andrea LaGreca for more information regarding After Care:

Honors Program

Qualified students in middle grades participate in the Honors Program focusing on the content areas of math and English language arts. The honors classes follow the same diocesan curriculum as the regular classes but are more project-based and cover objectives with more depth and complexity.

Lunch Service

A nutritious and delicious lunch can be purchased for your child every day. Lunch time is after recess for the Middle School and varies by grade and day.

Safety and Security

Your child’s safety and security are among our top priorities. All of our teachers and volunteers are background checked and cleared through the Diocese of Dallas. Additionally, we are a closed campus which means the outside doors are locked at all times, and every person must check in the front office before entering the school. Cameras monitor every external door, hallways, and major gathering areas.

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