Intermediate School

Encouraging Independence (4 and 5)

Our intermediate grades have a primary focus of developing your student to be confident, respectful and prepared to take on future challenges. Your child will be given room to explore, investigate, and draw conclusions in a kind, supportive and loving classroom environment. We understand the inquisitive nature of this age group and encourage students to engage in deep thought and to act with increased respect and maturity. Working side by side with your student, our teachers work to instill the values of character and commitment in preparation for middle school responsibilities.

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Intermediate School Daily Schedule

Intermediate school students begin the day with prayer at 7:45 am, continue with eight class periods throughout the day, then end the day in prayer at 3:15 pm. Students have four periods before lunch and recess, then have an additional four periods. Intermediate students start in homeroom, and transition to four different classrooms throughout the day.  Each grade completes math, spelling/grammar, reading/creative writing, English language arts, science, social studies, and religion instruction every day.

Additional Programs

  • Kent & Jodi Foster STEAM Innovation Lab
  • Art
  • Guidance
  • Library
  • Music
  • Spanish and Mandarin Language Instruction

Physical Education

Your child will be full of energy in throughout the intermediate grade levels. To help them use that energy in a positive way, your child will attend physical education twice per week and learn in-depth and advanced dynamic warm-ups, and the value of stretching before starting any physical activity. They will play a variety of games that allow them to learn the values of fair play and sportsmanship. They complete the year with a good knowledge of how to stay healthy and in shape while away from school.

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By the time your child reaches Intermediate school, they are comfortable with technology and computers and are ready for more responsibility and independence; to encourage this, our students are required to have a Google Chromebook that they must maintain and manage. Your child will use the Google Apps Suite to turn in work via Google Classroom. Select classes utilize interactive LCD panels and SMART boards to engage students in lessons.

Additional Services

After School Care

Aftercare is provided every school day from 3 pm to 6 pm. Please contact Andrea LaGreca for more information regarding Aftercare:

Honors Program

Qualified students in intermediate grades participate in the Honors Program focusing on the content areas of math and English language arts. The honors classes follow the same diocesan curriculum as the regular classes but are more project-based and cover objectives with more depth and complexity.

Lunch Service

A nutritious and delicious lunch can be purchased for your student every day. Intermediate school lunch starts after recess from 11:05 am until 11:43 am.

Safety and Security

Your child’s safety and security are among our top priorities. All of our teachers and volunteers are background checked and cleared through the Diocese of Dallas. Additionally, we are a closed campus which means the outside doors are locked at all times, and every person must check in the front office before entering the school. Cameras monitor every external door, hallways, and major gathering areas.

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