Elementary School

Building Strong Foundations (K-3)

Our elementary grades have a strong emphasis on reading, writing, and basic math principles. Your students will be surrounded by kind and loving teachers who encourage and support them in achieving their God-given potential. Teachers work together with parents to help students develop organizational skills and independence in school work. Daily class work and activities give kids the opportunity to ask questions, make mistakes, and become a confident young person. Throughout the school day, your child will participate in prayer, understand how to treat others and learn how to be a shining example of Christ’s love.

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Elementary School Daily Schedule

Elementary school students begin the day with prayer at 7:45 am, continue with eight class periods throughout the day, then end the day in prayer at 3:15. Students have four periods before lunch and recess, then have an additional four periods. Elementary grades are self-contained classrooms, and students only change classrooms for P.E., art, music, and library time. Each grade completes math, phonics/reading, English language arts, science, social studies, and religion instruction every day.

Additional Programs


In 2019, ASCS opened the state of the art Kent and Jodi Foster Innovation Lab. All students attend two classes per week in coding, robotics, 3D printing, graphic design, and engineering. This STEAM curriculum, coupled with our outstanding core and co-curricular classes, form the foundation for educating all aspects of the human person.


Creative expression is an important part of your child’s development. Art class keeps their hands and minds busy with projects covering the elements of design, principles of composition, periods of art history and various artists.  Students are taught The ABC’s of Art for classroom management.  The letter A represents “Always Be Respectful”, B represents “Be a Great Listener” and C represents “Clean up on time.” We teach students to make masterpieces out of their mistakes, and every student’s artwork is celebrated and displayed in the hallway. Elementary students have art class at least twice per week.


Your child will enjoy learning to read with our library program. Elementary students visit the library weekly for lessons and book check out. Starting in Kindergarten, your child will hear fiction and nonfiction, and learn the parts of a book. In first grade, they will learn to choose a book at the appropriate reading level, and in second grade, they will work on identifying the main idea and supporting details. This all leads to third grade in which your child will write their own book, and read it allowed at our Third Grade Author’s Reception.


Music is a gift from God, and your child’s development benefits greatly from music instruction. Elementary students enjoy music class two times per week and learn about pitch, rhythm, notation, theory, style, and history. In learning to be a better musician, your child will also learn to be a better listener.

Physical Education

Your child is growing at a rapid rate, and they will have plenty of opportunities to stretch and strengthen their growing muscles and bones in Physical Education. Your child will complete entry-level dynamic warm-ups that teach how to exercise and run using proper technique. Best of all, your child will learn that exercise is fun.  

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Faculty and Staff


Technology is an ever-growing part of your child’s life. Our Elementary school teachers use your student’s interest in technology to aid in their learning. Your child will benefit from interactive LCD panels and SMART Boards in the classroom by being able to manipulate things on the screen and see images clearly. Your child will also make trips to the technology lab to learn the basics of computers and to enjoy educational games and assessments.

 Additional Services

After School Care

Aftercare is provided every school day from 3 pm to 6 pm. Please contact Andrea LaGreca for more information regarding Aftercare:

Lunch Service

A nutritious and delicious lunch can be purchased for your student every day. Elementary school lunch starts at 10:55 am and is followed by recess until 11:55.

Safety and Security

Your child’s safety and security are among our top priorities. All of our teachers and volunteers are background checked and cleared through the Diocese of Dallas. Additionally, we are a closed campus which means the outside doors are locked at all times, and every person must check in the front office before entering the school. Cameras monitor every external door, hallways, and major gathering areas.

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