Returning Volunteers

If you have not been cleared before at All Saints (all cleared adults would have received a badge with red lanyard) or been cleared at another parish in the Diocese of Dallas, please follow the steps for first time clearance.

All Safe Environment cleared adults are required to update their training annually.  Select one option below to satisfy this requirement.  

Featured Training: 

Recognize, Respond, Report live class at All Saints


No childcare provided | Minors will not be admitted into the classroom | Presentation includes interviews with abuse survivors


Offered monthly at All Saints | Typically on the 1st Sunday of the month at 1 pm in Classroom 118 | Full Class Schedule and Registration


Online Update Training Options Through the Diocese (In English and Spanish)

These training options are available through the Diocese of Dallas. Options in English include: Battling Substance Abuse for Every Person, Bullying Prevention, Internet Danger, Keeping the Promise Alive, Safeguarding Our Seniors, Slavery Out of The Shadows, Smarter Adults - Safer Children, The Little Voice, and The Unconscious Truth.

Opciones de actualización en español en la diócesis: Familia De Fe Online, Manteniendo Viva la Promesa, y Programa para Prevenir la Intimidacion.

To access the training options, log in with your first and last name and your street address.  Please note, this may be an old street address if the database has not been updated recently.  You will be asked to verify your contact information, then proceed to the training.  The safe environment director will be notified automatically when you complete the training.  No further action is necessary on your part.

Diocese of Dallas Online Training

In-Person Classes for Update Training

The training update requirement may be satisfied by one of the many in-person classes available at locations throughout the diocese.  You can choose to refresh your knowledge by retaking Recognize, Respond, Report or by taking a new class.  The safe environment director will be notified when you complete the training.  Note: if you have not been cleared at All Saints before but you have been cleared somewhere else in the diocese, make sure the instructor knows to send your class certificate to All Saints.  No further action is necessary on your part.

Register for Classes

You may also request that an in-person class be conducted for your group (at least 15 participants) by contacting the safe environment director ( ).  

Update Training via DVD from our Parish Library

Additional options are available on DVD from the Parish Library such as Family of Faith, The Good Shepherd, and The Good Samaritan.

Other Online Options for Update Training

ATTENTION: If you complete one of the options below, you must also sign the new Social Media Policy in order to receive a new badge.

Select an option below to complete the training.  Submit documentation (usually a certificate or a signature form and quiz) to the Safe Environment Director ( ) or drop off at the church or school office.

While it is helpful to complete a training that corresponds to your primary ministry, you are not restricted as to which training you complete in order to fulfill the annual update requirement.

For those working with children...

National Federation of State High School Associations Online Training Courses (dozens of courses covering topics such as Bullying, Social Media, and Positive Parenting) Please note that, while many of the courses are offered for free, some require payment. The church will NOT reimburse participants for course fees. Also, please choose a course related to safety. For example, the course on Bullying is acceptable, the course on music adjudication is not.

Teaching Digital Citizenship (scroll to the bottom to log in/register)

Boy Scouts of America Youth Protection Course (available in English and Spanish)

Dallas Children's Advocacy Center Resources

Reporting Suspected Abuse or Neglect of a Child

A Safe Haven Starts at Home (Once on the website, go to the heading ‘For Parents’ and register.  Follow instructions from there to watch a video, take a test and receive a certificate.  Once you receive the certificate submit to  or drop off at office)

For those working with other vulnerable adults...

Domestic and Family Violence

Active Shooter: What you can do?

  1. Quiz (return to Safe Environment Director for credit)
  2. Video


Did you complete a training not listed here or find a great resource about keeping kids or vulnerable adults safe?

Contact the Safe Environment Director ( ) to see if it can count as an update training.  You may even see it listed here in the future!