Church Staff



Fr. Alfonse Nazzaro

Pastoral Administratoroffice: 972-661-9282

Fr. Paul Nguyen

Parochial Vicaroffice: 972-661-9282

Fr. Jovita Okoli

Parochial Vicaroffice: 972-661-9282

Deacon Michael Bolesta

Permanent Deacon / Director of Pastoral Services & Liturgyoffice: 972-778-0369

Deacon Denis Simon

Permanent Deaconoffice: 972-931-7678

Deacon Bob Rayner

Permanent Deacon

Deacon Mark Venincasa

Permanent Deacon

Parish Administration

Philip Muscat

Business Manageroffice: 972-778-0304

Barbara Hammond

Executive Assistant to the Pastoral Administratoroffice: 972-778-0325

Mary Marchand

Accounts Payable / Contributionsoffice: 972-778-0308

Elizabeth Horsley

Safe Environment Directoroffice: 972-778-0311

Chris Diaz

Director of Communications & Webmasteroffice: 972-778-0333

Lo Schubilske

Communications Assistant

Deacon Ken Steponaitis

Technology Director

Gina Rauker

Development Coordinator

Mary Davis

Pastoral Administrative Assistantoffice: 972-778-0310

School Administration

Shana Druffner

School Principal

Gabriel Moreno

Director of Advancement and Missionoffice: 214-217-3304

Viviana Stanford

Director of Admissions / Registrar


Deacon Michael Bolesta

Permanent Deacon / Director of Pastoral Services & Liturgyoffice: 972-778-0369


Jordan Peek

Music Director and Organistoffice: 972-778-0351

Shelbi McMullen

Assistant Director of Music

Caroline Hartman

Music Director of the 5:00pm Teen Mass Band

Religious Education

Kathy McDermott

Religious Education Directoroffice: 972-778-0328

Sister Mary Paul Haase

Coordinator of RCIAoffice: 972-778-0326

Maria Isabel Garcia

Librarian, All Saints Parish Resource Libraryoffice: 972-778-0327

Youth, Young Adult and Family Ministry

Paul Bianchi

Director of Youth, Young Adult and Family Ministryoffice: 972-778-0368

Chelsea Colomb

High School Youth Ministry and Confirmation Program Coordinatoroffice: 972-778-0330

Andrew Darling

Junior High School Youth Ministry and Faith Formation Coordinator

Erika Winland

Young Adult Ministry Coordinator


Darrall Flowers

Manager - Maintenance / Facilitiesoffice: 972-778-0338

Dan Eckelkamp

Special Projects - Maintenance / Facilitiesoffice: 972-661-9282

Kevin Griggs

Maintenanceoffice: 972-778-0341

Resource Management

Sheila Dolmas

Kamel Life Center & Resource Management Coordinatoroffice: 972-778-0344

jacob abernathy

Resource Management Staff

Charlotte Begnaud

Resource Management Staff

Michael Bolesta II

Resource Management Staff

Greg Draxler

Resource Management Staff

Dawn Holmes

Resource Management Staff

Elizabeth Sheldon

Resource Management Staff

Zeke Taylor

Resource Management Staff

Peter Trevino

Resource Management Staff


There are currently no staff available.