About Us

All Saints Catholic Community is located in North Dallas and is part of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas.

All Saints is a vibrant, faith-filled, and loving community of over 2,000 Roman Catholic families.  We worship, live, love, and serve together, keeping the Holy Trinity at our center.  We know and attest that Jesus Christ is truly present in the Eucharistic. We submit that He graces all that we do and accomplish in His name!

We are a parish of many generations – from the newborn to the very founders of our parish; we offer our loving embrace to our parishioners of all ages.  We worship together as one family in liturgies that are reverent and inspiring, glorified by the uplifting song of our choirs.  

We learn together in Bible studies and faith formation programs; we serve together in aiding others in need throughout our community; we join together in parish events and meals; we gather together as we welcome new parishioners in baptism and RCIA; and we celebrate those that have joined our Lord in their resurrection.  Truly, our parish offers something for everyone, and provides the one thing we all need: Christ in our life.

Come join us at the table of our Lord at All Saints, where we praise God together for His gifts to us of faith, family, and children, and give thanks to Him for the many blessings He bestows on us as a people and a parish of faith!