Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition 2017-2018                                  

Parishioner Tuition Multi-Child Discount* Family Tuition
1st Child   $7,310   $7,310
2nd Child $ 500 $14,120
3rd Child $ 750 $20,680
4th Child $1,000 $26,990

Non-Parishioner Tuition: $9,950 (per child; no multi-child discounts)

Five-day PreK Tuition

Parishioner: $6,825

Non-Parishioner: $9,950

*There is no multi-child discount for PreK students
Note: The actual cost to educate one student in 2016-2017 at ASCS is approximately $10,030 per year.

Financial Aid

All Saints Catholic School recognizes that finances play a major role in your decision to enroll your child in a Catholic school. Although financial aid funds are limited, families should not be discouraged from applying to All Saints because of financial reasons.

Financial aid is provided to families on a need basis as determined by FACTS Grant and Aid, and as funds are available. Financial Aid applications will only be reviewed after a student has received an official letter or acceptance from All Saints Catholic School.