Early Childhood

Creating a Love For Learning (PreK3 and PreK4)

The Early Childhood Program is a full-day curriculum designed to nurture the heart and mind of your child in a faith-based atmosphere. Your student will develop confidence, self-control, and fine motor skills through activities that spark natural curiosity and imagination. Your Little Saint will be guided on how to work independently and collectively with ample time to learn through play. Upon completion, your child will be kindergarten ready, independent and prepared to continue learning.


Early Childhood Daily Schedule

The school day in the ASCS Early Childhood program begins with prayer and transitions into academic centers. During this time, students work in groups of three or four on particular knowledge and skill sets. After academic centers, students enjoy a snack,  then go to either music, P.E., or art class. When students return they participate in circle time where they listen to stories, practice rhymes, and review what they have learned. Circle time is followed by uninterrupted play for 35 minutes. Lunch and recess follow, then nap time in the afternoon. When the students wake up, they are allowed to play, snack, and prepare to go home. The school day ends with all school prayer, and Middle School Prek Aids help teachers lead students to carpool to be picked up.

Additional Programs


In addition to crafts and art projects during the school day, your little saint will participate in a dedicated art class weekly.


Pre-Reading Skills are an important part of your child’s academic success. We focus our weekly library time on developing these skills by reading fiction and nonfiction stories to students, teaching parts of a book, and introducing good reader skills such as previewing, predicting, summarizing, connecting, questioning and inferring.


In the early childhood years, your child loves to sing songs and rhymes and uses them to memorize important information. We harness this natural interest in music and provide a weekly music class for our little singers.

Physical Education

Your little saint loves to play and learn through play. Your student will learn through play in the classroom and on the playground and have dedicated time for physical education in our gym.

Meet the Teachers

  • Mrs. Brown
  • Mrs. Bronson
  • Mrs. Ossa


Technology is an ever-growing part of your child’s life, and our Early Childhood Program uses technology to aid in learning. Your child has access to iPads for educational games and videos, and teachers use projectors and document cameras to model motor skills.

Additional Services

After School Care

Aftercare is provided every school day from 3 pm to 6 pm. Please contact Andrea LaGreca for more information regarding Aftercare.

Lunch Service

A nutritious and delicious lunch can be purchased for your little saint every day. Our Early Childhood students eat in their classroom, and if a lunch is purchased through the lunch program, it will be delivered to the classroom.

Safety and Security

Your child’s safety and security are among our top priorities. All of our teachers and volunteers are background checked and cleared through the Catholic Diocese of Dallas. Additionally, we are a closed campus which means the outside doors are locked at all times, and every person must check in the front office before entering the school. Security cameras monitor every external door, hallways, and major gathering areas.

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