Mass - Faith Formation - MSP changes


Dear Saints...

Please take note of following important announcements concerning changes to Mass times and our Faith Formation program.  Thank you for reading through this information in its entirety and planning accordingly.



New Mass Times Effective August 3-4, 2019

For the past year, the parish has wrestled with parking congestion during our Sunday morning Masses. By mid-morning, our own parking lot is at capacity with an overflow of approximately 120 cars into the street and the neighboring shopping center. The new center owners plan to renovate soon. These new owners do not want us to use their parking spots and may enforce this with towing.Our goal is to celebrate the Eucharist as a family. After much consultation and study, we will start a revised Mass schedule beginning August 3-4:

Saturday, 5:00 pm with a cantor

Sunday, 7:15 am quiet, without music

Sunday, 8:30 am with the contemporary choir

Sunday, 10:00 am with a cantor

Sunday, 11:30 am with the classical choir

Sunday, 5:00 pm with the teen choir


Beginning the week after Labor Day, our new Faith Formation Class schedule for children age three through fifth grade will be:

Sunday 10:00 am (starting September 8)

Wednesday 4:30 pm (starting September 11)

Junior High Faith Formation and High School gathering times will remain the same; Jr High Youth meet on Sundays 3:15 pm - 4:45 pm and High Schoolers meet Sundays after the 5 pm Mass. Please watch the bulletin and website for online registration instructions. In-person registration will be offered August 4, 2019, 8:30 am - 1:00 pm


All Sunday morning Mass times will change August 4, impacting everyone frequenting those Masses. We ask everyone to adjust for the common good. Thank you to all who shared their concerns and perspectives. Thank you to our music ministers and other parish ministry coordinators who revised their liturgical ministry schedules to accommodate these changes. We are confident that this new schedule will provide excellent Sunday worship utilizing our existing parking.


“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him.” Romans 8:28.





Deacon Michael Bolesta accepts full time position at All Saints Catholic Community

Deacon Michael Bolesta recently joined our staff full-time as Director of Pastoral Care.  In addition to his duties in that new role, Fr. Alfonse has asked Deacon Michael to provide clergy oversight to all liturgical and hospitality ministries. Deacon Michael hopes to meet with each liturgical and hospitality ministry leader soon to discuss the impact of our new schedule.   

MSP to handle minister scheduling

Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP) is an online tool supported by Fr. Alfonse and Deacon Michael and adopted by our ministers.  MSP notifies our liturgical ministers of the posted schedule, sends reminders of upcoming assignments and facilitates sub requests, mass emailings and calls for ministers to fill open positions for the weekend Masses.  Late last year, the hospitality ministers (ushers and greeters) were added but the actual schedules were still being generated manually.  In January, the 9 AM daily ministers started using the automated scheduling functionality of MSP. 

With the new mass times, MSP will be utilized for all liturgical and hospitality ministries beginning with the schedule that spans from August 4 to October 31.  Manual scheduling will go away upon this full implementation of MSP.

Soon, liturgical and hospitality ministers will receive an email generated my MSP  giving them access to the system to revise their profile with “new” mass preferences and “can’t serve” dates.   It is imperative that this information is updated as soon as possible so that a new schedule can be generated. The email will specify the deadline. 























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