Options available for update training


Employees and volunteers who are (or have been) active Safe Environment Cleared Adults (i.e. have been issued a red Safe Environment ID Badge) may satisfy their annual “update training” requirement by choosing ANY ONE of the options listed below:


check out the All saints training video

All Saints Safe Environment Training Class Videos (Family of Faith, Good Shepherd or Adult Abuse) may be checked out from Ministry Leaders, the Parish Library or School Office.

  • watch the video
  • complete the Training Participation Form (and quiz)
  • return the video and form to the person from whom it was borrowed



Diocese of Dallas online video classes

The Diocese of Dallas offers additional online update videos that can be accessed by the link below.  You will be asked to enter your name and home address to identify your file in the Diocese database.  When that appears, you are asked to check the basic information for accuracy. Click “continue” at the bottom of the page and you will see the list of topics offered (as well as the list of training topics that you have completed in the past).  Follow the directions at the bottom of the “Classes available to take online” box. Upon completion of an online course, the system will update your Diocese database record and notify All Saints of your status. No further action is required on your part.  

Click here to access this list.


 Attend Class

Family of Faith” (required initial training in Safe Environment is offered twice a month during the school year at John Paul II High School (Plano). Click here for specific dates and times as well as to check for additional classes offered at neighboring parishes.” 

Ask your class instructor to send your training certificate to the Safe Environment Director at All Saints.


ALL SAINTS Online Options

Select from 10 possible online training options. When you click the PDF icon next to each option, you will find directions on how to complete and document your training. The mouse icon(s) will take you to the online video(s) referenced in the documentation. For All Saints staff and volunteers, please return training forms, quizzes, etc. to Safe Environment Director Mary Anne Woods in the All Saints Pastoral Office.



Adult Abuse Prevention


Boy Scouts of America Youth Protection Course
(can be completed in English or Spanish)


Cyber Safety Town Hall Meeting in 2006
(From the Office of the Texas Attorney General)


Internet Safety: What You Don't
Know Can Hurt Your Child

(From the Office of the Texas Attorney General)
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What Can We Do About Child Abuse?
(From the Office of the Texas Attorney General)


iKeepSafe - Internet Safety
(From the Office of the Texas Attorney General)
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(From the Dallas Children's Advocacy Center)


Domestic / Family Violence


Teaching Touching Safety


Seniors and Telemarketing Fraud