First Time Clearance

Steps necessary to become a Safe Environment Cleared Adult:

Any documentation can be submitted to the Safe Environment Director ( ), dropped off at the church office, or submitted to the head of the ministry in which you are volunteering.


  1. _____ Be at least 18 years of age
  2. _____ Be a member of the All Saints Parish for at least 6 months*

To be completed by the applicant:

  1. _____ Complete Online Screening Form (hard copies are available upon request from the parish office)  Formulario de Evaluación en Español
  2. _____ Participate in the initial Safe Environment Training: "Recognize, Respond, Report" (o en español, la clase "Reconocer, Responder, Reportar")Click here to register for a live class. Classes can be completed at any Diocese of Dallas location. To remain active, Safe Environment training must be updated on an annual basis. 
  3. _____ Submit a suitable Digital Picture for ID Badge (good quality, includes head & shoulders, JPG or JPEG format is preferred).  
  4. _____ Complete an in-person Interview with the head of the ministry in which you want to volunteer (or a designee).  Please contact the ministry head to set up an interview.  

To be completed by the Safe Environment Director:

  1. _____ Receive positive responses to at least two Reference Checks (references are listed on the screening form and will be contacted by Safe Environment Director)
  2. _____ Receive a clear report from a Criminal Background Check. (checks are conducted by a 3rd party company and any information is kept confidential; background checks are reviewed every two years)

Applicants for paid (staff) positions must complete the above steps AND:

  1. _____ the Application for Employment
  2. _____ the Computer System/Internet Use Policy Acknowledgment Form


*Membership in the Parish for at least 6 months does not apply to staff positions

*6 month requirement can be waived if we receive a letter of good standing from the applicant's previous parish