Church Staff



Profile image of Fr. Alfonse Nazzaro

Fr. Alfonse Nazzaro

Pastoral Administrator

Office: 972-661-9282

Profile image of Fr. Paul Nguyen

Fr. Paul Nguyen

Parochial Vicar

Office: 972-661-9282

Profile image of Fr. Jovita Okoli

Fr. Jovita Okoli

Parochial Vicar

Office: 972-661-9282

Profile image of Deacon Michael Bolesta

Deacon Michael Bolesta

Permanent Deacon

Office: 214-280-4394

Profile image of Deacon Denis Simon

Deacon Denis Simon

Permanent Deacon

Office: 972-931-7678

Profile image of Deacon Bob Rayner

Deacon Bob Rayner

Permanent Deacon



Parish Administration

Profile image of Susan Holmes

Susan Holmes

General Manager

Office: 972-778-0304

Profile image of Barbara Hammond

Barbara Hammond

Executive Assistant to the Pastoral Administrator and General Manager

Office: 972-778-0325

Profile image of Carolyn Bisulca

Carolyn Bisulca

Pastoral Administrative Assistant

Office: 972-778-0301

Profile image of Mary Marchand

Mary Marchand

Accounts Payable / Contributions

Office: 972-778-0308

Profile image of Elizabeth Horsley

Elizabeth Horsley

Safe Environment Director

Office: 972-778-0311

Profile image of Chris Diaz

Chris Diaz

Director of Communications & Webmaster


Profile image of Rachel Scott

Rachel Scott

Nursery Coordinator

Office: 214-641-2603



Profile image of Mary Davis

Mary Davis

Liturgy Coordinator

Office: 972-778-0310

Profile image of Beverly Dawson

Beverly Dawson

Wedding Consultant

Office: 972-778-0356



Profile image of Jordan Peek

Jordan Peek

Music Director and Organist

Office: 972-778-0351


Religious Education

Profile image of Kathy McDermott

Kathy McDermott

Religious Education Director

Office: 972-778-0328

Profile image of Sister Mary Paul Haase

Sister Mary Paul Haase

Coordinator of RCIA

Office: 972-778-0326

Profile image of Maria Isabel Garcia

Maria Isabel Garcia

Librarian, All Saints Parish Resource Library

Office: 972-778-0327

Profile image of Lia Sanchez

Lia Sanchez

Assistant to the Director of Religious Education

Office: 972-778-0313


Youth Ministry

Profile image of Paul Bianchi

Paul Bianchi

Coordinator of High School Ministry

Office: 972-778-0368

Profile image of Chelsea  Colomb

Chelsea Colomb

Coordinator of Junior High Youth Ministry

Office: 972-778-0330


Kamel Life Center



Profile image of Dan Eckelkamp

Dan Eckelkamp

Special Projects - Maintenance / Facilities

Office: 972-661-9282

Profile image of Darrall Flowers

Darrall Flowers

Manager - Maintenance / Facilities

Office: 972-778-0338

Profile image of Kevin Griggs

Kevin Griggs


Office: 972-778-0341


School Administration

Profile image of Shana  Druffner

Shana Druffner

Director of School


Shana has been an educator at ASCS for thirteen years. Shana and her husband David have four daughters, all of whom are ASCS graduates. Shana has worn many hats at ASCS. In addition to being a veteran teacher, she was previously our SAC President, instrumental in drafting our 2006 Blue Ribbon Application and our first TCCBED Accreditation. Under her leadership, our SAC was named the outstanding SAC in the nation by the NCEA. She has also served as Vice President of the School Finance Council.

Shana had a dual career as an attorney and musician for over twenty years. She is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, receiving her Juris Doctor in 1994. Upon graduation from Ursuline Academy of Dallas in 1985, Shana attended the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston and later received her Bachelor of Music Performance, summa cum laude from Rutgers University in 1990. Seeking to enrich music in the Diocese, Shana founded an Orchestral Program at All Saints Catholic Church in 2005. In 2006, she started an award-winning Orchestral Program at All Saints Catholic School for students in grades 5-8. Shana was fortunate to receive the Work of the Heart Award in 2009 for her efforts. She is well respected by her peers and was nominated as ASCS’ Distinguished Teacher of the Year in 2015-16. In 2016, Shana became the Liturgist and Director of Academic Competitions at ASCS. Shana is currently pursuing her Master’s in Education Leadership at Creighton University.

In addition to being the Director of Orchestras at All Saints Catholic School, she was the former Asst. Director of Orchestra at John Paul II High School in Plano from 2010-13. Shana was Chairman of the Board of the Suzuki Music Institute of Dallas and the Vice President of the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra Parents Guild. She served as chair of the Texas Private School Music Educators Association Region Honor Orchestras for both Middle School and High School in 2010-12.

Profile image of Gabriel Moreno

Gabriel Moreno

Director of Advancement and Mission

Office: 214-217-3320

Gabriel Moreno is a product of the Diocese of Dallas Catholic Schools. He attended St. Mary of Carmel, Bishop Dunne Catholic School, and the University of Dallas before beginning his career as a Catholic school educator. He spent seven years in the classroom teaching various levels of math and coaching baseball before becoming a school administrator. He completed a Master of Educational Leadership through the Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program at the University of Notre Dame and works with the Notre Dame Dallas Leadership Investment Club to support current students and recruit future students for the Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program. Gabriel Moreno serves as the Director of Advancement and Mission at All Saints Catholic School and focuses on enrollment management, campus improvements, and fundraising.

Profile image of Mike  Jobes

Mike Jobes

Director of IT